Trigonometry Important Questions

1. What is the value of \left [ \frac{1}{1-tan\theta} \right ]-\left [ \frac{1}{1+tan\theta} \right ]=?






2. If tan\theta+cot\theta = x than what is the value of   tan^{4}\,\theta+ cot^{4}\,\theta=?

(a)\left ( x ^{3}-3 )2+2

(b)\left ( x ^{4}-2x )+4

(c)x\left ( x-4 )+2

(d)x^{2}\left ( x^{2}-4 )+2

3. If  tan^{4}\,\theta+ cot^{4}\,\theta=2 then what is the value of 2sec\theta\,cosec\theta  ?





4. What is the simplified value of \frac{2}{cotA-tanA}



(c) tan^{2}A

(d) sin^{2}A\,cos^{2}A

5. What is the simplified value of\sqrt{\frac{cosecA-1}{cosecA+1}}



(c) cosec^{2}A



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