SPORTS(HOCKEY)-Previous Year Questions

1. Which country won the Gold medal in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2016.

(a)  New Zealand        (b) Australia

(c) Argentina               (d) India

Ans. (a)

2. Who was the caption of Indian hockey team that won the first Olympic gold medal in Amsterdam in 1928.

(a)  Dhyanchand               (b) Jaipal Singh

(c) Laibonkhan                  (d) Kishan Lal

Ans. (b)

3. Which of the following teams defeated Indiana hockey team in champions challenge cup 2016 in United Kingdom-

(a)  Australia               (b) Germany

(c) Netherlands           (d) South Africa

Ans. (a)

4. Which of the hockey team that won the champions challenge cup 2016 held in United Kingdom-

(a)  Australia               (b) India

(c) Germany                (d) New Zealand

Ans. (c)

5. When did India won The Gold Medal in Olympic last time-

(a) 2000 Sydney               (b) 1996 Atlanta

(c) 1980 Moscow              (d) 1972 Munich

Ans. (c)

6. Which country won the world Junior ICE hockey championship in 2016.

(a)  Finland                  (b) Spain

(c) Germany                (d) USA

Ans. (a)

7. The final of Sultan Azlan Shah cup 2016 was played in between-

(a) India and Australia

(b) India and Pakistan

(c) Pakistan and Malaysia

(d) Malaysia and japan

Ans. (a)

8. On the name of which of the following players, a road is named after in Germany-

(a) Roop Singh            (b) Dhanaraj Pillay

(c) Dhyan Chand         (d) Zafar Iqbal

Ans. (a)

9. To which of the following sports, Agha Khan Cup is related-

(a) Table tennis          (b) Hockey

(c) Cricket                   (d) Football

Ans. (b)

10. Which year did India won its first gold medal in Olympics-

(a) 1924                               (b) 1928

(c) 1932                                (d) 1936

Ans. (b)

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