Simple Interest-Previous Year Questions-Quant-SSC CGL

1. What sum of money must be given as simple interest for six months at 4% per annum in order to earn 150 Rs. interest?

(a) 5000 Rs.    (b) 7500 Rs  (c) 10000 Rs.     (d) 15000 Rs.

2. A sum of money becomes 7/6 of itself in 3 years at a certain rate of simple interest. The rate per annum is:

(a) 5\frac{5}{9}%   (b) 6\frac{5}{9}%  (c) 18%     (d) 25%

3. The simple interest on a certain sum at 5% per annum for 3 years and 4 years differ by Rs 42. The sum is:

(a) Rs 210   (b) Rs 280  (c) Rs 750     (d) Rs 840

4. The difference between the simple interest received from two different sources on Rs.1500 for 3 years is Rs.13.50. The difference between their rates of interest is:

(a) 0.1%   (b) 0.2%  (c) 0.3%    (d) 0.4%

5. A sum of Rs. 10,000 is lent partly at 8% and remaining at 10% per annum. If the yearly interest on the average is 9.2%, the two parts are:

(a) Rs. 4000, Rs. 6000

(b) Rs. 4500, Rs. 5500

(c) Rs. 5000, Rs. 5000

(d) Rs. 5500, Rs. 4500

6. A sum of Rs. 1600 gives a simple interest of Rs. 252 in 2 years and 3 months. The rate of interest per annum is:

(a) 5\frac{1}{2} %

(b) 8%

(c) 7%

(d) 6%

7. The simple interest on a sum of money is 4/9 of the principal and the number of years is equal to the rate percent per annum. The rate per annum is:

(a) 5%
(b) 6\frac{2}{3}%
(c) 6%
(d) 7\frac{1}{5}%

8. A sum of Rs. 400 amounts to Rs. 480 in 4 years. What will it amount to if the rate of interest is increased by 2%?

(a) Rs. 484
(b) Rs. 560
(c) Rs. 512
(d) None of these

9. At what rate percent per annum will the simple interest on a sum of money be 2/5 of the principal amount in 10 years?

(a) 4%
(b) 6%
(c) 5\frac{2}{3}%
(d) 6\frac{2}{3}%

10. In what time will the simple interest be 2/5 of the principal at 8 percent per annum?
(a) 8 years
(b) 7 years
(c) 5 years
(d) 6 years

11. A sum of Rs. 1750 is divided into two parts such that the interests on the first part at 8% simple interest per annum and that on the other part at 6% simple interest per annum are equal. The interest on each part (in rupees) is

(a) 60
(b) 65
(c) 70
(d) 40

12. A sum of Rs. 1550 was lent partly at 5% and partly at 8% simple interest. The total interest received after 3 years is Rs. 300. The ratio of money lent at 5% to that at 8% is:

(a) 5 : 8
(b) 8 : 5
(c) 31 : 6
(d) 16 : 15

13. What sum of money will amount to 520 Rs. in 5 years and to 568 Rs. in 7 years at simple interest?
(a) 220 Rs.
(b) 400 Rs.
(c) 120 Rs.
(d) 510 Rs.

14. Rs. 500 was invested at 12% per annum simple interest and another certain sum of money invested at 10% per annum simple interest. If the sum of the interest on both the sum after 4 years is Rs. 480, the later sum of money is :

15. A money lender finds that due to a fall in the annual rate of interest from 8% to 7\frac{3}{4}%, his yearly income diminishes by Rs 61.50. His capital is
(a) Rs 22400
(b) Rs 23800
(c) Rs 24600
(d) Rs 26000

16. A certain sum of money amounts to Rs 756 in 2 years and Rs 873 in 3\frac{1}{2} years at a certain rate of simple interest. The  rate  interest per annum is:
(a) 10%
(b) 11%
(c) 12%
(d) 13%


17. What sum will amount to Rs. 7000 in 5 years at 3\frac{1}{3}% simple interest?

(a)6300 Rs. (b) 6500 Rs. (c) 6000 Rs. (d) 5000 Rs.

18. The simple interest on a certain sum for 8 months at 4% per annum is Rs. 129 less than the simple interest on the same sum for 15 months at 5% per annum. The sum is:
(a) Rs. 2580
(b) Rs. 2400
(c) Rs. 2529
(d) Rs. 3600

19.A man took loan from a bank at the rate of 12% p.a. simple interest. After 3 years he had to pay Rs. 5400 as interest only for the period. The principal amount borrowed by him was:

(a) Rs. 2000
(b) Rs. 10,000
(c) Rs. 20,000
(d) Rs. 15,000

20. Mohan lent some amount of money at 9% simple interest and an equal amount of money at 10% simple interest for two years. If his total interest was Rs. 760, what amount was lent in each case?
(a) Rs. 1700
(b) Rs. 1800
(c) Rs. 1900
(d) Rs. 2000



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