Questions on Measurement of Angle-SSC CGL

Important Questions

1. In radian measure, 120° equals to

(a) \frac{\pi}{3}                            (b) \frac{2\pi}{3}                                 (c) \frac{3\pi}{4}                               (d)\frac{4\pi}{3}

2. 37 ½° is equal to which of the following radian measure?

(a)  \frac{5\pi}{12}                          (b) \frac{7\pi}{12}                                   (c)\frac{5\pi}{24}                                (d)\frac{7\pi}{24}

3. 11\frac{ 1^{o}}{4} is equivalent to the radian measure

(a) \frac{\pi}{8} rad                         (b)  \frac{3\pi}{8} rad                           (c)\frac{3\pi}{16} rad                         (d) \frac{\pi}{16} rad

4. \frac{5}{6} right angle in radian equals

(a) \frac{5\pi}{24}                          (b)\frac{5\pi}{12}                                  (c) \frac{7\pi}{12}                               (d)\frac{\pi}{12}

5. Degree equivalent of  \frac{7\pi}{12}  radian is

(a) 105°                       (b) 75°                               (c) 135°                           (d) 165°

6. Radian value of 35°30′ is

7.  Radian value of 560°20′ is

8. Radian measure of 72°40′ is

9. One radian is equal to following degree measure,

10. Value of \frac{3}{5} rad is

11. Measure of 6 rad is

12. If 1 rad = 57°16’21” then 10 rad equals

13. If one unit of an angle is 29°46’55” then five units of the angle equals

14. If one unit of an angle is 15°49’50” then measure of 100 unit of the angle equals

15. A wheel makes 90 revolutions in half hour. Through how many degree does it turn in one minute?

16. A wheel makes 720 revolutions in one hour. Through how many radian does it turn in one second?

17. The diameter of a circle is 2 meter. The angle subtended at the centre by an arc of 22 cm is

18. The diameter of a circle is 60 cm. The length of minor arc created by a chord of 30 cm is

19. In a circle of radius 50 cm the length of a chord is 50\sqrt{2} cm . The length of major arc of the  chord is

20. The angle in degree through which a pendulum of length 100 cm swings and the tip describes an arc length of 10 cm is

21. The minute hand of a watch is 5 cm. how far does the tip move in 20 minutes?

(a)10 cm                               (b) 9.53 cm                                   (c) 11 cm                                        (d) 10.47 cm

22. The tip of a pendulum swings. It covers an arc of 50 cm and subtends 60° at the fixed point. The length of pendulum is

(a) 43.72cm                         (b) 45.72cm                                 (c) 47.72cm                                  (d) 45.27cm

23.  If the arc of same length in two circle subtends angles 75° and 120° at their respective centers, then ratio of their diameter is

(a) 8:5                                  (b) 5:8                                            (c) 3:5                                           (d) 5:3

24. The angle between the hands of a clock at 4 hour 45 minute is

25. The angle between the hands of a clock at half past one is

26. Two angle of a triangle are \frac{3}{2}rad and  \frac{4}{3}rad .The triangle

(a) Is an acute angled triangle

(b) is an obtuse angled triangle

(c) is a right angle triangle

(d) doesn’t form

27.If two angle of a triangle are 2 rad and \frac{1}{2}rad then its third angle in degree is

28. A wheel revolves 25 times in 10 seconds. How many time does it take in revolving an angle of 110 rad?

(a) 5 sec                                   (b) 7.5 sec                                        (c) 10 sec                                   (d) none of these

29. Radian measure of 40°20’50” is

30. A pendulum of length 60 cm swings and creates an arc of 18 cm. the angle at the fixed point of the pendulum is

31. Radius of a circle is 54 cm. if an arc of circle subtends an angle of 20° at centre then length of the arc is

32. An arc of length 40 cm subtends 22\frac{1^{o}}{ 2} at the centre of the circle. Radius of the circle is

(a) 92 cm                                (b) 102cm                                     (c) 96 cm                                    (d) 108 cm

33. Ananta’s (A) and Shailvi’s (S) house are situated at a circular road and subtends 90° at a fixed point. If fixed point is at a distance of 100 meter from each house, the distance traveled between the both house on the road is

(a) 628 meter

(b) 314 meter

(c) 157 meter

(d) 235.5 meter

34. The angle covered by minute hand of a watch during 1 hour 15 minutes noon to half past three noon is

35. The angle covered by hour hand of a clock from half past six in the morning to three o’clock in the noon is

(a) 270°                                  (b) 245°                                          (c) 255°                           (d) 265°

36. Assuming that the Moon’s diameter subtends an angle  \left ( \frac{1}{2} \right )^{o}at the eye of an observer, find how far from the eye of a coin of 1 cm diameter must be held so as just to hide Moon?

(a)  63°         (b) 64°         (c) 65°                (d) 70°

37. If angle of a triangle are in AP, then the middle one is

(a) Always 60°

(b) less than 60°

(c) move than 60°

(d) less than 90°



















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