1. Out of total capital required to start a business A invested 30%, B invested 2/5th and C invested the remaining capital. At the end of one year sum of Rs. 4000 is earned as a profit which is 20% of the capital given by B , then find how much C invested in the business?

(a) 25000           (b) 10000
(c) 15000            (d) 12450

2. In a business A and B gained some amount in a certain ratio. B and C received the profit in the ratio as that  of A and B. If A received Rs. 6,400 and C received Rs. 10,000. Find the share of B:

(a) 2,000             (b) 4,000

(c) 8,000             (d) 10,000

3.  The ratio of investments of two partners X and Y is 11  : 12 and the ratio of their profit is 2 : 3. If X invested the money for 8 months, then the time for which Y invested the money is:

(a) 8 months              (b) 9 months

(c) 10 months             (d) 11 months

Hence the time for which Y invested his capital is 11 months.

4. A and B are two partners in a firm sharing the profit in the ratio 4: 5. If the firm earns a profits of  Rs 14,130, then profit to be received by B:

(a) 6,280                 (b) 7,850

(c) 1,570                  (d) 3,140

5. Three partners invested Rs. 42000, Rs. 48000 and Rs 32000  respectively. Partnership, condition is that, each will the get interest on his  capital at the rate of 7% per annum and remaining profit will  be divided in the ratio of their capitals. If at the end of the year the total profit is Rs 32940, then  find the share of A in profit.

(a)  12960

(b)  11340

(c)  8640

(d)  None of these

6. Rs. 490 is divided among  A, B and C such that A’s share is half that of B’s and thrice that of C’s. What is C’s share?

(a) Rs. 49           (b) Rs. 147

(c) Rs. 294           (d) Rs. 245

7. 3 brothers divided 1620 among them in such a way that the share of second is equal of 5/13 of the share of other two , combined. What is the share of the second one?

(a) 1170   (b) 450   (c) 540   (d) 500

8. A and B invest Rs. 3000 and Rs. 2400 respectively in a business. If after one year there is a loss Rs. 720, how much loss will B bear? (loss or profit is in proportion to their investments)

(a) 72               (b) 320

(c) 400                (d) 360

9. A is a active partner and B is a inactive partner in business. A puts in Rs. 5000 and B puts in Rs. 6000. A received 15 % of the profit for managing the business and the rest is divided in proportion to their capitals. The amount received by A out of the profit of Rs. 880 in all is :

(a) 132  (b) 340 (c) 472  (d) 492

10. A , B and C have invested a sum of Rs. 125000 in a business. B invested Rs. 15000 more than A and C  invested Rs. 20,000 more than B . If the total earned profit is  Rs. 37450 at the end of year, then find their share of profit.

(a) Rs. 7490, Rs.11984, Rs.17976                (b) Rs.8480, Rs. 7550, Rs.8560

(c) Rs.7940, Rs. 7054, Rs. 17500                (d) Rs. 5100, Rs. 6943, Rs. 7140

11. A started a business by investing some more money and B invested Rs. 5000  more than that of A. A remained in business for 5 months and B remained in business 1 months more than A. Out of the total profit of Rs. 26000, B got Rs. 6000 more than A. Find the capitals invested A and B.

(a) 29,000 , 18,000

(b) 25,000, 30,000

(c) 15,000, 10,000

(d) 15,000, 20,000

12. A, B and C started a business by  investing Rs. 24,000, Rs. 32,000 and Rs. 18,000 respectively. A and B are active partners and get 15 % and 12 %  of total profit and  remaining profit is to be distributed among them in the ratio of their investment. If C got  total Rs. 65700 as a profit , what was the total amount of profit ?

(a) 4,70,000              (b) 3,70,000

(c) 3,45,000              (d) 1,57,000

13. A start a business with 21,000/- and later B joins him with 36,000/- .After how many months did  B joins if the profit is distributed in equal ratio ?

(a) 5                      (b) 7

(c) 6                       (d) 9

14. A invested an amount of 25,000 and started a business. B joined him after one year with an amount of Rs. 30,000. After two years from starting the business, they earned the profit of Rs. 46,000. What will be B’s share in the profit ?

(a) 14,000           (b) 12,000

(c) 17,250          (d) 99722

15. M, P and Q together started a business. M invested Rs. 6,500 for 6 months, P invested Rs. 8,400 for 5 months and Q invested Rs. 10,000 for 3 months. M is working member for which he gets 5 % of total profit extra. If the total gain is Rs. 7,400, then Q’s share is :

(a) 1900

(b) 2100

(c) 3200

(d) Data are incomplete

Solution (a) Try it Yourself (in case of any doubt please comment below)

16.Three partners started a business by investing RS.60,000 , Rs.80,000 and Rs. 1,20,000 respectively.First partner left the business after 4 months, second after 9 months and third remained in the business for the whole year. At the end of the year the total profit earned is Rs. 1,60,480, then find their shares of profit.

(a) Rs.16840, 44188, 92686

(b) Rs. 16048, 48144, 96288

(c) Rs. 16042, 14842, 9862

(d) Rs. 15000, 13423, 7562

17. A working partner gets 20 % as his commission of the profit after his after his commission is paid. If the working partner’s commission  is Rs.8000, what is the total profit  in the business?

(a) 47000            (b) 45000

(c) 48000             (d) none of these

18. X and Y enter into a partnership with their capitals in the ratio 7 : 9. At the end of 8th month, X withdraws his capital. If they receive the profits in the ratio 8 : 9 , find how long Y’s capital was used.

(a) 4 months           (b) 6 months

(c) 7 months            (d) 8 months

19. X and Y enter into a partnership , investing Rs. 16,000 and Rs. 12,000 respectively. After 3  months X withdrew  Rs. 5,000, While Y invested 5,000 more. After 3 months more Z joins the business with with a capital of Rs.21,000. After a year they obtained a profit of  Rs.26,400. By what amount does share of Y exceed the share of Z.

(a) 3600                (b) 3800

(c) 4600                (d) 4800

20. A, B and C invested Rs.47000 for a business. If A subscribes Rs. 7,000 more than B and B Rs.5000 more than C , then out of total profit of Rs. 4700, C receives:

(a) 1200               (b) 4500

(c) 1000               (d) None of these




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