MAJOR SPORTS EVENTS-Previous Year Questions

1. The first woman player to won a medal in Olympics is-

(a)  P.T.Usha                      (b) Karnam Mallesawari

(c) Ashvini Nachappa      (d) Usha Sachdeva

Ans. (b)

2. Who won the World Youth Chess Championship 2016.

(a) Khanty- Mansiysk(Russia)

(b) Kimi Raikkonen

(c) Scot Fleming

(d) Subbalaxmi

Ans. (a)

3.Who was the first Indian woman to qualify for the final of individual track event in Olympics-

(a)  P.T.Usha                      (b) M.D. Valsamma

(c) Shiny Abraham           (d) Arti Saha

Ans. (b)

4. The game of chess was first started in-

(a)  India                              (b) Persia

(c) Arab                                (d) Eurape

Ans. (a)

5. Which nation will host the Olympics of 2016.

(a)  Brazil                             (b) Germany

(c) USA                                 (d) South Korea

Ans. (a)

6. Who became the youngest grand master of India-

(a) Viswanathan Anand

(b) Dibyendu Barua

(c) Pendyala Harikrishyana

(d) Praveen Tripse

Ans. (c)

7. The first disabled athlete to qualify for an able bodied 400 m event of London Olympics 2012 was-

(a)  Oscar Pistorius          (b) Walter Rallies

(c) Raymond Irchovich   (d) Gerald Hangovin

Ans. (a)

8. Which of the following women chess player of India became the super grand master by reaching on the second rank in the world-

(a). Tania Sachdev           (b) S.Subbalakshmi

(c)Konery Humpy            (d) None of these

Ans. (c)

9. Who won the Silver medal in women 400 m race in Asian athletics championship 2015.

(a). Zhao Yanmin              (b) M.R Poovamma

(c) Tintu Luka                     (d) Mayooka Johny


10. International Olympic committee sold the broadcasting right of Olympic games of 2014 and 2016 to-

(a). Zee sports                   (b) Star India

(c) Doordarshan               (d) Setmax

Ans. (b)

11. Who was the living legend that won three gold medals ans one silver medal in Olympic games of 1988 and died suddenly at the age of 38.

(a) Dotorase Florance Griffith

(b) Florence Griffith Joyner

(c) Jackie Joyner Kersee

(d) None of these

Ans. (b)

12. Who won the highest number of medals in Asian arthetics games held in Wulan, China-

(a)  Chain                             (b) Japan

(c) Saudi Arabia                 (d) Bahrain

Ans. (a)

13. The athlete who achieved the title of “Fastest Man Ever” in Olympic games of 200 is-

(a)  Carl Lewis                    (b) Paavo Nurmi

(c) Michael Johnson        (d) Maurice Greene

Ans. (d)

14. Vikas Gowda medal in which of the following sports in Asian athletics championship 2015.

(a)  Long jump                   (b) 400m race

(c) Shot Put                        (d) Discus throw

Ans. (d)

15. Answer the first Indian who was banned for using Anabolic Steroid in Olympic games-

(a)  Sumita Laha                (b) Ashwini Akunji

(c) T.Sanamacha Chanu (d) P.T.Usha


16. When was the first Olympics organized-

(a)  776 BC                           (b) 324 BC

(c) 212 BC                            (d) 1896

Ans. (a)

17. Brazil Hosted

(a) 31th Olympic games

(b) 28th Olympic games

(c) 27th Olympic games

(d) 30th Olympic games

Ans. (a)

18. Who was the first Australian Aborigine to win a gold medal in Olympic Games-

(a)  Maria Mutola             (b) Cathy Freeman

(c) Loren Graham             (d) Katharine Merry

Ans. (b)

19. Which country won the maximum medals in Brazil (Rio) Olympics 2016.

(a)  America                       (b) France

(c) India                                                (d) Japan

Ans. (a)

20. The Olympic games of 2016 were organized at-

(a)  Beijing                          (b) Montreal

(c) Rio-De Janerio            (d) London


21. Who was the living legend that won three gold medals ans one silver medal in Olympic games of 1988 and died suddenly at the age of 38.

(a) Dotorase Florance Griffith

(b) Florence Griffith Joyner

(c) Jackie Joyner Kersee

(d) None of these

Ans. (b)

22. Which of the followings is not correctly matched-

(a) Sakshil Malik           – Wrestling

(b) Krishna Pooniy – Woman Discus Throw

(c) Yogeshwar Dutt – Boxing

(d) Aneesa Saiyad – Woman 25m Pistol

Ans. (c)

23. What was the venue of the Olympic game organized in 2012.

(a)  London                         (b) Stockolm

(c) Athens                           (d) Sydney


24. Answer the first Indian medal winner in the Olympic games-

(a) Kunjarani                      (b) Aparana

(c) Karnam Malleswari   (d) Sania Mirza


25. Which city hosted the Olympic games of 2016.

(a)  Sydney                         (b) Rio-De-Janerio

(c) Beijing                            (d) Peris

Ans. (b)

26. The highest medal winner in Rio Olympic was-

(a)  China                             (b) USA

(c) Germany                       (d) Britain

Ans. (b)

27. Olympic game of 2016 will be organized in which city-

(a)  Madrid inii Spain       (b) Ria-De-Janeiro in Brazil

(c) Loss Angeles in USA (d) Toronto Canada

Ans. (b)

28. Which of the following places had hosted the last winter Olympic games-

(a)  Sochi, Rushia              (b) Albertville

(c) Lillehammer                 (d) Calgary

Ans. (a)

29. Which country won the highest number of medals in Londan Olympics 2000.

(a)  Japan                            (b) Australia

(c) USA                                 (d) France

Ans. (c)

30. Who won the gold medal consecutively two times in two Olympic games for 400m race event-

(a)  Michael Johnson      (b) Carl Lewis

(c) Alvin Harrison              (d) Gregory Hatton

Ans. (a)

31. Which nation was Proposed to host the 1st Afro-asian games in 2001 .

(a)  India                              (b) Japan

(c) South Africa                 (d) Egypt

Ans. (a)

32. How many gold medals were won by Michael Phelps Rio Olympics-

(a)  6                                      (b) 7

(c) 8                                       (d) 9

Ans. (a)

33. Which country won the gold medal for football in Sydney Olympic 2000.

(a)  Italy                               (b) Cameroon

(c) South Korea                 (d) Columbia

Ans. (b)

34. The official Mascot of Rio Olympics games 2016 was-

(a)  Kangaroo                     (b) Ostrich

(c) Vinicius                          (d) Peacock

Ans. (c)

35. 20th commonwealth games in Glasgno, Scotland will be organized in-

(a)  Dec. 2014                     (b) Noc. 2014

(c) July. 2014                      (d) Feb. 2014

Ans. (c)

36. What was the mascot of second Asian Indoor games held in Macau-

(a)  Miwiki                           (b) Mei-mei

(c) Chei-chei                       (d) Chei-mei

Ans. (b)

37. India won two medals in Landon Olympics In-

(a) Shooting, Boxing and Wresting

(b) Badminton, Wresting and Shooting

(c) Badminton, Shooting and Boxing

(d) Shooting , Archery and Wresting

Ans. (b)

38. Where will the 2014 commonwealth game be organized-

(a)  Bengaluru                   (b) Delhi

(c) Sydney                           (d) Scotland

Ans. (b)

39. Which city hosted the 30th Olympic games-

(a) Liverpool                     (b) Lancashire

(c) Las vegas                       (d) London

Ans. (d)

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