Fill in the blanks

SENTENCE COMPLETION (Fill in the blanks)

Sentence completion is one of the most important tests designed to assess the vocabulary skills of candidates. In a sentence, one or two blank are left out to be filled with one of the alternatives given below it.


Directions: In each of the following, questions are given with one or more blanks. Each question is followed by five choices, only one of which fits the blank(s) appropriately. That correct choice is your answer. If options (A),(B),(C) and (D) are not correct, your answer is (E). In case there is more than one blank, each answer choice has more than one filler which should fit the blanks in their respective order.Highlighted with the red is the correct answer.

  1. To…………time, please go………..foot and not by bus.

(A) spend, with          (B) kill, towards

(C) utilize, on              (D) gain, on

(E) None of these


  1. Please do not……….me now; I am very busy. I will look into it tomorrow.

(A) demand               (B) disturb

(C) expect                  (D) worry

(E) None of these


  1. After a recent mild paralytic attack his movements are…………restricted; otherwise he is still very active.

(A) not                         (B) entirely

(C) slightly                   (D) nowhere

(E) None of these


  1. Among the factors………….to the low productivity in agriculture, the first place is occupied by irregular water supply.

(A) producing                   (B) showing

(C) giving                           (D) contributing

(E) None of these


  1. The victorious army………through the fallen city.

(A) attacked                         (B) ran

(C) marched                         (D) disturbed

(E) None of these


  1. How much did it……… to have your radio repaired?

(A) estimate                         (B) charge

(C) price                                (D) cost

(E) None of these


  1. Despite his…………he had to suffer.

(A) punishment                    (B) crime

(C) fault                                 (D) innocence

(E) None of these


  1. The manager was forced to…………the charge to the syndicate.

(A) forgo                         (B) relieve

(C) give                           (D) relinquish

(E) None of these


  1. The child…………for the love of mother.

(A) begged                       (B) lacked

(C) desired                       (D) longed

(E) None of these


  1. There seems to be an air of peace now……in our country.

(A) flowing                       (B) floating

(C) smelting                       (D) blowing

(E) None of these


  1. The two brothers look so…..that it is difficult to tell one from the other.

(A) identical                       (B) same

(C) similar                           (D) resembling

(E) None of these


  1. A crescendo of metallic thuds arose from the market, where the blacksmiths were……..the piece of metals.

(A) flattering                       (B) striking

(C) levelling                       (D) thrashing

(E) None of these


  1. His……income does not allow him to buy a T.V.

(A) small                       (B) meagre

(C) spare                      (D) scarce

(E) None of these


  1. There is a disturbing………between politics and sports in India.

(A) link                               (B) connection

(C) isthmus                       (D) nexus

(E) None of these


  1. His most striking……….is the enthusiasm which be bring to everything he does.

(A) Factor                                    (B) attitude

(C) Characteristic                      (D) character

(E) None of these


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