echapter Press Information Bureau

Introduction to echapter PIB articles:

Here we are providing you PIB articles that are very important for exam point of view. In this section we will be posting weekly PIB releases. Only important selected articles from PIB are posted here.


  • As these are released by government of India, therefore it add accuracy and authenticity to that facts and figures.
  • Here you will get all governments programmes and policy initiatives news and updates.



click here for DECEMBER-PIB, 2017
click here for JANUARY-PIB, 2018
click here for FEBRUARY-PIB, 2018
click here for MARCH-PIB, 2018
click here for APRIL-PIB, 2018
click here for MAY-PIB, 2018
click here for JUNE-PIB, 2018
click here for DECEMBER-PIB, 2018



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